If you're looking to connect more with the church and some really amazing people, we welcome you to take part in our

regular weekly events that are going on.



9:00am, Adult Sunday School

located in the library

of the church


10:15am, Sunday Service

and Children's Sunday School*


12pm, Snack/Coffee Social

located in Ross Hall**




6:00pm, Youth group

(every other Wednesday)


7:00pm, Adult bible study,

refer to "Events" page for current course of study!


11:00am, Staff meeting


1:00pm, Women's Bible Study

located in Welcome Center 

*Children's Group (Sundays)


Got kids? No problem! Jesus loves children, and so do we. We have the ability to engage your child during the Sunday Service with plenty of fun biblical activities in his or her own age group.

**Snack/Coffee Social


Want to hang out after church with some friends? No problem! Those who wish, come over to Ross Hall (connected to church) to enjoy some laughs and refreshments.



Throughout the year we have lots of cool things happening in the church for having fun, learning new things, strengthening an area of your life - all while honoring God.


If you see something interesting below just click on the event to add it to your calendar.