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Hello from Taiwan

Hello all and Greetings from Taiwan, Saturday, February 13, 2016

Mona and I have pretty much settled in to life here in Taibao. It has been a whirlwind, to be quite frank. As you remember it was only the first week of November, 2015 that we learned I would be joining Mona here. This meant: renting our house at 33712 with all the nuts and bolts involved; finding a safe and loving place for our dogs (God bless you Owen family); travel from Saint Pete across the world (through Denver and Tokyo); starting a new job (teaching English to youngsters); setting up a new house (can anyone say Ikea); finding a surrogate church family (they have asked us to help out in the area of music…go figure); adjusting to new foods (not very difficult); basically a life change of epic proportions. However I must say that God has been amazing. Mona took the first leap over here and paved the way, and we have encountered so much grace in this transition, not only from all of you, but from so many folk along the way. Thanks so much from praying us through. I know you have been! God bless you.

One of the things I intend to do is to remain in touch in a variety of ways. A very easy way is through Facebook. If you have an account, just call up my profile (Jay Cave) and call me through the video option. I’ve already had live chats with many of you and it is so refreshing to actually see your faces and hear your voices again. Help each other figure out how this is done. Email is another way to stay in touch: I also plan to write a series of letters/blogs that the church staff will post on the website…complete with pictures and video! Hopefully, I will send a few recorded messages throughout the next two years which should help us feel that the great distance between us (7000 miles) isn’t that very far after all.

We love you dearly and pray for each one of you. I know that you are loving pastor Randall, Elizabeth, and their great family as much as Mona and I do. What an honor to be in service with them. Please remain in close contact. I will expect it. Also, we have a large house with plenty of rooms for visitors. A few of you have promised to come.

In the mean time, know that God is all over this.

Love Jay and Mona.

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