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Super Typhoon Nepartak

In the aftermath of Super Typhoon Nepartak -- the category 5 typhoon that hit Taiwan on July 8/9, 2016 -- we here at the church simply wanted to put out a brief update (pulled from postings on Facebook).

July 8, 2016: "A good news/bad news update from my friend Mona ... she and her hubby Jay are fine ... the Western side of Taiwan, where the super-typhoon made landfall, has SERIOUS damage and lives were lost. Please continue praying as the people of Taiwan work to recover from this devastating storm."

~ Kay Richter

July 9, 2016: "Thanks for all your prayers and concerns during the just-now-leaving-Taiwan typhoon. We are fine; Kay-Ann is on the way to Taipei and her flight home. But, the western part of the island has some serious damage, and there were lives lost. Please keep the island in your prayers. If you are thinking of visiting us, don't let a little thing like a super-typhoon scare you off."

~ Mona Bagasao

July 9, 2016: "It's still raining and windy here in Taibao, but Jay says it's beautiful in Taipei. weather, huh? The clean up will be something, though. And the season is just starting. I appreciate so much your concern. xxxx"

~ Mona Bagasao

So, it would seem that our beloved pastor and church members weathered the storm alright, although the region did suffer. Please continue your prayers in the aftermath of this storm, for future storms that may come through the area, and express your GRATITUDE toward God for His might hand over all!

~ Admin.

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